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Ongoing Classes & Events

Community Tap Classes for Teens & Adults
In-person classes have been suspended due to the coronavirus shutdown
We've transitioned to online classes 
via the FREE Zoom app
Registration is open at planetreg.com/taptieszoom 
join in the FUN!
New Early Summer Session starts May 26th

Monday Evening Tap Classes w/ Jill Fitzgerald
Adult Beginner Tap 6:00 pm 
Adult Advanced Beginner Tap 7:00 pm
Where: your own home! via the FREE Zoom app
What: Tap Classes for Adults and Teens ages 12+

Tuesday Evening Tap Classes w/ Amy Browne Smith
Adult Advanced Beginner Tap 6:00 pm
Adult Int/Adv Tap 7:00 pm
Where: your own home! via the FREE Zoom app
​What: Tap Classes for Adults and Teens 12+

Thursday Evening Tap Classes w/ Jill & Amy
Back to the Basics Tap 6:00 pm
Traditional Tap 7:00 pm
Where: your own home! via the FREE Zoom app
What: Tap Classes for Adults and Teens 12+

Click 'HERE' to see a sample Zoom class
Click HERE for Class Descriptions

Tap Ties is teaming up with
 PYB - Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley for tap classes via Zoom on Tuesdays this summer!
6-week session begins June 23 with Amy Smith
Adult/Teen 12+ Beginner Tap 5:30pm
Advanced Beginner Tap 6:30pm
Int/Adv Tap 7:30pm
Click HERE for registration

NEW this summer - Youth Tap Program ages 9-12
Tuesdays @ 4:30pm Register through PYB directly

Join us in Celebrating 15 years of 
Tapping Together!!
Check back often for NEW EVENTS coming soon!!

15 years of Tap Ties National Tap Dance Day Celebrations
 and it's all about YOU!! 
Show us youcolors!
Thanks for submitting so many GREAT photos!
Check back on May 25th - Bojangles' birthday 
for a fun Tap Ties premiere! We'll also post on FB Instagram and Twitter

Tap Ties is hosting 15 events in 15 months
check back often for updated info or follow us on 
Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

We're planning new events to keep our Tap Ties family tapping! Check back soon for more upcoming events...

Announcing the
Tap Ties Apprentice Company - TTApp!!
Welcome to our newest apprentices:
Emily Swanson & Michelle Hepp

Under the Direction of Crystal Bartolacci & Carol Hebert
Click 'HERE' for all the details

Tap Ties is proud to be the Tap Company in Residence at Cedar Crest College

Performing Arts
@ Cedar Crest College
Tap Ties...your tie to the 
tap dance community
contact us:
610-217-5112 ~ tapties@gmail.com

Tap Ties Mission: 
To be a link between tap dancers and the
information they need to grow as performers,
teachers, choreographers, & arts professionals. 
Tap Ties will provide these educational 
opportunities through workshops, master classes, newsletters and performances. Our goal is to keep alive the rich history of the American Tradition of tap dancing while also encouraging the creation and sharing of 
new tap choreography.
Many Tap Ties events are sponsored by: