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Ongoing Classes & Events

Community Tap Classes for Teens & Adults
 ~ Summer Sessions 2017 ~
click 'HERE' to view & print brochure
Registration is ongoing - Drop in any class, any time!!

Join in the FUN!!  Shorter Sessions - 2 days per week!
8 classes in 4 weeks = $100 per session
Tap classes offered in Beginner through Advanced Levels
in 2 Locations - Cedar Crest College and Lehigh University

 Monday & Wednesday Evening Tap Classes w/ Jill Fitzgerald
4 week Early Summer Session June 5 - June 28
Drop-ins Welcome!  $15 per class
Where: Steinbright Hall Dance Studio at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA
When: Monday & Wednesday evenings 6:00 - 9:00pm  Faculty: Jill Fitzgerald
What: Classes for Teens/Adults - Beginner Tap 6-7pm  Adv Beginner Tap 7-8pm  Int/Adv Tap 8-9pm

Tuesday & Thursday Evening Tap Classes w/ Amy Browne Smith
4 week Mid-Summer Session July 11 - August 3
Drop-ins Welcome! $15 per class
Where: Dance Studio in Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA
When: Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 6:00-8:00pm  Faculty: Amy Browne Smith
​What: Classes for Teens & Adults - Beginner Tap 6-7pm    Int/Adv Tap 7-8pm

Monday & Wednesday Evening Tap Classes w/ Jill Fitzgerald
4 week Mid-Summer Session  July 10 - August 2
Drop- ins Welcome!! $15 per class
When: Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6:00-9:00pm   Faculty: Jill Fitzgerald
What: Classes for Teens/Adult  - Beginner Tap 6-7pm  Adv Beginner Tap 7-8pm  Int/Adv Tap 8-9pm 

Click BELOW for Campus maps & Directions
Cedar Crest College - Steinbright Hall - Click HERE
Lehigh University - Zoellner Arts Center - Click HERE

Tap Ties Dance & Fitness Festival
Sunday thru Wednesday - August 13-16, 2017
click 'HERE' for a brochure with all the details
visit: www.planetreg.com/aug2017 to register

Join us for 4 fantastic days of Master Classes, 3-day Courses,
2-day Tap Teacher Workshop, Fitness Classes, 
Tap Talks & Films, and Seminars 
with the Tap Ties Company and Guest Faculty including:
Shelley Oliver, Germaine Salsberg, Karen Callaway Williams, 
Ray Hesselink, Thelma Goldberg, 
Corinne Karon, Jill Kenney, and Rochelle Haynes

Also a 3-day Youth Program for tappers ages 8-12! 

Participate in just one or all of the events!
We hope to see you there!!
Brochures available NOW!
Online Registration begins Monday, June 19th
Register ON/BEFORE August 1 for special discount pricing!

Tap Ties 13th Annual 
National Tap Dance Day Celebration
Saturday & Sunday - May 19 & 20, 2018 
at Cedar Crest College in Allentown

Tap Ties is proud to be the Tap Company in Residence at Cedar Crest College
Performing Arts
@ Cedar Crest College
Tap Ties Dance & Fitness Festival 2017 
Sponsored by:

click on logo for more information about 
Good Shepherd PARC
Tap Ties...your tie to the 
tap dance community
contact us:
610-217-5112 ~ tapties@gmail.com

Tap Ties Mission: 
To be a link between tap dancers and the
information they need to grow as performers,
teachers, choreographers, & arts professionals. 
Tap Ties will provide these educational 
opportunities through workshops, master classes, newsletters and performances. Our goal is to keep alive the rich history of the American Tradition of tap dancing while also encouraging the creation and sharing of 
new tap choreography.